Your ancestors were wild humans living in nature. They were naturally fit, strong, lean, agile, and healthy.

So why do you struggle today?

Why do we ALL struggle?

Because we live in an environment that is mismatched to your biology.

I'm here to help you reclaim your wild side.

Free Cheatsheet Download: 7 Principles of Living Wild


I'm here to help you take action on information that's rooted in first principles of human health and biology.

Status Quo Killer

The way society does things is backwards. What you hear from "experts" is usually plain wrong. I will show you the why/what/how.


While everyone promises results, I will give you the path to actually getting them. The rest is up to you.

A Complete Nutrition Overhaul

Answer this question once and for all: what's the best diet? 

By learning the first principles of human biology, you learn what is the optimal human diet as well as how to tweak it to your own body and life.

Build Your Tribe

Added bonus content around building a tribe. We are social animals, which means we MUST invest in our relationships. I will show you how to build a tribe around you, and not just any tribe, but one that shares your ideals and goals for life.

Uncover Your Natural Body

Every human has a natural "fit" human body living underneath the stressed, discontent, mismatched exterior they carry around as a result of our mismatched environment.

We teach you how to get back to your natural state by controlling your environment instead of letting it control you.


Embrace Your Wildness

Gain knowledge that will serve you and your family for years. Learn how to be a Wild Human living in a modern world. While the rest of society is devolving, you will thrive.


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